The drawing& painting cats basic pastel bundle includes:

  • A signed copy of Vic's Drawing & Painting Cats book
  • Small sand & grey velour pastel pad conainting 10 sheets of velour paper (25x35cm)
  • Basic Pastel Set
  • Drawing & Painting Cats DVD


Buying the bundle saves you 15% on buying the items individually.



You may remember Vic from his previous book, Drawing & Painting Wild Animals, which gave us some wonderfully sensitive views of a large section of the animal kingdom. This, which is more specific, is every bit as good. We all love cats: domestic, feral, big, small, and Vic is no exception, he could make friends with a lion or a tiger, and does! One of the illustrations from this fantastic book sums this up nicely - it's called A Night on The Tiles, and captures that king-of-all-I-survey attitude coupled with a perplexed look that perfectly sums up the domestic moggy.
Usually it's unwise to have too high expectations when anticipating a new release. Feel free, though, to make an exception for this one. Vic's modelling is pitch-perfect on every page. Cats are tricky things to draw because they're rarely still and a lot of people, even professional artists, get the perspective wrong at some point. Here, though, a prowling leopard, a lion or a tiger, a relaxed moggy or a playful kitten are just right and Vic gets the expressions right in every situation. 
This is a wonderfully varied book, both in terms of subject matter and styles. Vic knows exactly when to use hatching and hard edges and when to suggest form and detail with carefully-laid washes. The instruction is thorough and Vic deals with colours and textures as well as explaining anatomy and basic shapes. He works in watercolour, acrylic, ink, pastel and pencil, so there's something for everyone, as long as you like cats, of course! And, as if that wasn't enough, there's an accompanying DVD available where Vic uses reference photos and sketches as well as taking a trip out to a wildlife park and painting a portrait of his assistant Marley.
Search Press . 144 pages . Colour throughout.



Featuring 10 sheets of 260gsm (120lbs) velour pastel paper - 5 sandy, 5 light grey - the pad is ideal for pastel artists of all levels who want to express their wild side! Developed in collaboration with renowned pastel artist Vic Bearcroft, this 250mm x 350mm pad represents the true choice of the professionals. Perfect for capturing animal subjects, landscapes and much more, Vic's pad is as versatile as it is eye-catching.



These fantastic pastels are the ideal choice for all pastel artists - whether they be new starters, improvers or beyond. Specially selected by Vic himself, the set is a balanced mix of both Faber Castell Hard Pastels and SAA Soft Pastels.
Featuring a range of colours with the ability to create a range of tones, moods and effects, ths set is ideal for capturing animals the Vic Bearcroft way! 
The basic set includes the following items:
Faber Castell Hard Pastels: Black (199), White (101), Ivory (103), Alizarin Crimson (226), Cadmium Yellow (107), Earth Green Yellowish (168)
SAA Soft Pastels: Orange (5) (0235), Yellow Ochre (5) (0455), Smoke Grey (2345), Raw Sienna (0895), Sanguine (1265), Prussian Blue (0345)



On this informative and inspirational DVD, Vic Bearcroft, along with his inquisitive assistant Marley, takes you on a fantastic furry adventure, showing you how to capture beautiful cats, both big and small using pen, ink and a little bit of feline finesse.
Out on location at Woodside Wildlife Park, Vic starts with some preliminary sketches, looking at proportion and anatomical structure, sharing his tried and tested geometric techniques. Capturing many different poses, Vic explains how using reference photographs as well as location sketches give you a range of tools to compose and structure your final piece.
Back in the studio, Vic moves on to a tonal study of Marley using Indian Ink. By building up layers of tone and depth, Vic demonstrates how using just one colour and one brush can create a portrait with real atmosphere and charm - something Marley happily agrees with. 
Armed with his reference photos and location sketches, Vic turns his attentions to the magnificent Lynx, starting out with combining elements of different sketches to finalise the composition. Using an underpinning sketch, Vic shows you how ink pen hatching techniques can create texture, tone and depth - perfect for combining with washes and tonal shadow to capture the majesty of the big cat.
DVD: 70 minuntes. Please note that while this is a Region 0 DVD, it is PAL formatted and therefore unlikely to play in North America, Japan, South Korea and some of the Pacific Islands. However, all DVDs will play on personal computers and laptops.