Few of us get the chance to paint iconic wild animals in their natural environment. In this exciting book, BBC Wildlife Artist of The Year 2012 Finalist and Endangered Species Category Winner, Vic Bearcroft, will show you how to capture these magnificent creatures closer to home, either from photographs or by visiting one of the many wildlife parks around the country.

The book is progressively structured and Vic will lead you in if you're new to the subject, discussing materials for drawing and painting in watercolour, acrylic and pastel, and then moving on to tone and colour as well as simple shapes and sketches.

The bulk of the book is divided up by animal types, including big cats, bears, apes and the dog family. 

Each of these sections includes detailed notes on the basic structure and features such as eyes, noses and skin or fur, and is completed by a full step-by-step demonstration of one of the classics of the group - a tiger, a panda, a chimpanzee and so on.

This is one of the best, most thorough and most easy to follow books on animal painting there has been in a long time.

In the accompanying DVD, Vic will show you, in 3 full demonstrations, how he completes his stunning paintings.

DVD: 100 Minutes

Please note this DVD title is only available in PAL format and therefore is unlikely to play in North America, Japan, South Korea and some of the Pacific Islands. However, all DVDs will play on personal computers and laptops.





Very useful, not just pastel tuition. I have already read through most of the book. It is very inspiring - I have not drawn for nearly 30 years due to work, and this book (and Vic's examples) have got me started again. I love the fact that it includes other media, even though I thought I would prefer just pastels at first. It has broadened my horizons from doing just pencil drawings of animals. I have used it to make a shopping list of acrylic paints, which will save me wasting money on the wrong colours. Great value for money, already had hours of fun from it. I have only watched the pastel section of the DVD so far, but I'm looking forward to making my first painting attempt soon! 



I Love the book but I'm afraid the DVD is not what I expected. I am a complete beginner and it really does not tell me how to use the pastels and there is only one section on a pastel drawing. Would not have bought if I had realised this. 



Overall great buy think a dozen pastels would have better if your a beginner in pastel working, but that is maybe picky 




I bought this book as a gift for a family member. The book and DVD are so informative and easy to follow with Vics simplicity of teaching methods. I would highly recommend this to anyone exploring and developing their wild animal art!! Excellent! 



A wonderful book, and so very helpful and inspirational.



I really enjoyed this DVD and book by Vic Bearcroft. I have already had a go at a few of the exercises. The book is very easy to read and the instructions were very clear and easy to follow. Loved them both!



This book is great i love vic his work has helped me a lot look forward to more.



Have long been an admirer of Vic Bearcroft's work and have already learned quite a bit from the book and DVD. Had a go with the Chimp project and was pleased enough with the result to use one of my own wildlife photographs to 'go it alone' using these techniques. The book and DVD are easy to follow and have lots of tips - well worth listening carefully to Vic's comments as he works. Useful for beginners as well as more experienced people. 



I have seen Vic Bearcroft at exhibitions and find him very interesting, now I have his new book which is amazing the details and step by step are so helpful, shall look forward to working through it.

Really informative and easy to follow, glad I bought together.


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