Capture the essence of pets & wildlife with Vic Bearcroft's superb pastel sets! These fantastic pastels are the ideal choice for all pastel artists - whether they be new starters, improvers or beyond. 

Specially selected by Vic himself, each set is a balanced mix of both Faber Castell hard pastels and SAA soft pastels. 

Featuring a range of colours with the ability to create a range of tones, moods and effects, this set is ideal for capturing wildlife the Vic Bearcroft way! 

Puppy & Kitten 10-pastel set includes: Black, White, Orange (3) (Warm Dark Orange), Prussian Blue (5), Dioxazine Violet (8), Orange (8) (Light Orange), Light Red (5), Sap Green Tint (5), Yellow Ochre (7), Blue Grey (5).