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Monday 22nd May 2017
Subject: Wolf
Medium: Monochrome Pastel on Velour
Length: 1-day
Included in the workshop: All materials, light refreshments, all tuition.
Suitable for: Beginners & advanced artists
Location: UK Wolf Centre, Butlers Farm, Beenham, Reading, Berkshire, RG7 5NT
Times: 10am-4pm (arrive 9.30am)


One of the things that I usually talk about in the early stages of a pastel demonstration or workshop is the importance of tone. The ‘grisaille’ or monochrome stage which, as in traditional oil painting, can serve as an underpainting, is arguably the most important foundation stage for a painting.


Often, however, the ‘grisaille’, or grey painting, was considered an artwork in its own right, frequently used as a technique for imitating sculptures for example.


There have been many times at this stage of a painting that I thought I should forget the colour and simply add highlights to create an animal portrait with a difference. The advantage of this technique is that in many cases the artwork can be produced in much less time than a full colour representation, ideal for a half day workshop.


In the morning, after coffee, we will head off to the wolf enclosures where you will be able to take photographs through special cut-outs in the mesh. Staff and volunteers will try to tempt the wolves even closer for you with occasional titbits.


After lunch you can get to grips with this technique during the afternoon session of this exciting day, painting a portrait of Nuka with black and white pastels on grey velour. This will also allow time for me to show you in greater depth how to create important fur texture.


At break times and after the workshop, you can visit the well-stocked gift shop and purchase a variety of souvenirs of your special day.


A generous portion of the fee that you pay goes to the trust for the upkeep of the wolves and conservation projects.


All materials and light refreshments are included. Please bring your own easel if you need one as well as your lunch. Sensible clothing and footwear is recommended for wandering between the enclosures.

UK WCT Wolf Workshop * NEW DATE *

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