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Art For Animals

In late 2016, Vic and his partner, Liz, founded 'Art for Animals', a Facebook page to sell prints to help raise much-needed funds for domestic and wildlife organisations worldwide. The prints will now also be available on the website.


From the prints Vic will create, all profits will benefit these organisations. Only the actual cost of the print will be deducted from the donation (paper/ink). The funds are donated directly to the chosen charities, enabling them to use the money in a way that benefits the animals most, be it vets fees, feeding, education or  neutering, for example.

'The Pumpkin Patch'

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Please click on the links below for information about the organisations benefiting from the sale of
'The Pumpkin Patch' print.

Vic's first fundraising print available is 'The Pumpkin Patch', which was created in graphite pencil, and features a black cat (Marley, one of Vic's cats!) popping out of a pumpkin, much to the surprise of the little witch! Meanwhile, Rodney the crow (who is also currently being rehabbed by Vic and Liz) is keeping a close eye on top of the sign. 

The first cat charity benefiting from the sale of this print is White Rose Cat Welfare, a small independent organisation based in Holbeach, Lincolnshire, who work with large colonies of feral cats, ensuring they are neutered, given any necessary medical care, then released. Yvonne, who founded the charity, works alone and tirelessly to help feral and stray cats, including feeding them, and also socialises and rehomes kittens into a domestic environment.

The second cat charity to benefit from the sale of this print is Greek Cat Rescue. They have 4 main objectives to help the thousands of stray cats in Greece, and predominantly on the island of Samos. Those objectives are: neutering, providing emergency medical care, wintertime feeding and adopting kittens and cats into new homes.

The print is open edition, and measures 10x7.2" plus a white border and title. It is printed in ultrachrome ink, which is fade-resistant for 80+ years. The print will be hand-signed by Vic to make them extra special.

The prints are £10 each, and all proceeds from the sale of this prints will be split between the two charities.

Postage to the UK is £3.50 (£13.50 inclusive)
Postage to Europe is £4.50 (£14.50 inclusive)
Postage to Rest of World is £5.50 (£15.50 inclusive)

Each print costs us £2 to produce, so the proceeds will be £8 per print, meaning each charity will received £4 towards their fantastic, and vital, work.

Payment can be made to us via BACS, Paypal, or cheque. Please email us for further details or to order a print:

The Paypal address is:

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