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From pets and people, to caricatures and wildlife, Vic offers private commissions in a variety of mediums and sizes. 

Please see the simple steps below, then contact us if you would like to commission a portrait, or if you have any enquiries.


Pastel is fantastic for animals and wildlife. The fur-like texture which can be created on velour paper really brings the subject to life. Several layers of pastel can be added onto velour, so the numerous layers 'lifts' the subject and the depth of colour is subtle yet striking. A single head study normally takes 10-15 hours to create, depending on the number of layers added, and the amount of fur! Pastels take between 12-15 hours to complete.

Graphite pencil offers fine detail, so it is well suited to all subjects. Drawings can be created purely in the monochrome tones of the graphite, or a colour tint can be added to the eyes to bring the subject to life. A single head study normally takes 8-10 hours to create.

Acrylic paints give a vibrancy and sometimes a more contemporary feel to the subject. Often painted on box canvases, without the need for framing, the painting can be hung immediately. Depending on size, background etc, acrylics take anywhere from 12-15 hours plus .

Coloured pencils can be incredibly detailed, like graphite pencils, but softer in tone. On white paper the colours appear to shine. 
White-coloured pencils on black paper give a dramatic, atmospheric finish. Then take approximately 8-10 hours to complete.

Caricatures in coloured pencil and ink offer something unique. A humerous portrait of a person, animal, or both, are realistically portrayed so they are recognisable. Hobbies, interests and other quirks are added in to create a relevant scene. It takes around 8-10 hours to create a caricature.

The classic oil painting medium is still much sought after. The richness of colour and soft blending is well suited to animals and portraits. The finished painting can have a classic finish,or more contemporary feel, similar to acrylics. An oil painting takes anywhere from 20-hours plus to create, depending on subject and background etc. 


On deciding to commission a portrait, please contact Vic for further details, and to obtain a more precise delivery time.  Please bear in mind that the run up to Christmas is always a busy time.  Vic will always try to work to a specific date if it is for a special occasion, however, he does require as much notice as possible.

Now, you need to make some decisions..... do you want the portrait framing by us, or an unframed portrait to frame yourself?  Do you just want a head study (most popular), or would you like a full body or background adding? Is it one dog, two dogs or 5 dogs you want painting?  

We can accept photographs in the post or high quality digital images via email for commissions. Original hard copies are always returned with your painting. 

For caricatures, a photo of the person, along with a list of their hobbies and anything you would like adding into the background, is also required. 

Paintings are posted fully insured by either courier or special delivery. This depends on not only the best option depending on framing etc, but also your preference as a customer.

Once you've ordered your commission, sit back, relax, and get excited waiting for delivery!  Feel free to contact us regarding how your painting is progressing.

 All prices are based on single or double subjects on a plain background. For a specific background, the cost is an additional £50. Anyone wishing to have additional pets or people can contact Vic to discuss their preferences and prices. 


MEDIUM                               SINGLE                          DOUBLE

25x35cm                               £295                               £450    
35x50cm                               £375                               £560

11x16”                                   £195                               £295

11x16”                                   £395                               £595                         
20x16”                                   £500                               £750

10x8”                                     £115                               £175

11x16”                                   £100                               £160

11x16”                                   £495                               £750
20x16”                                   £600                               £900


** Full payment is required at the time of ordering **

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