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The artist's photograph reference book contains 40 high-quality photographs, featuring big cats, wolves, birds, domestic cats, and a host of other wildlife subjects. The book is for private use by individuals wishing to practice art technique.


The book is ideal if you would like to have clear, crisp photographs to work from, and can be left as a book or perforated on request so the images can be removed for easy use on easels. 


The photographs measure 11x8". Included are:

3 x tigers

2 x lions

5 x wolves

2 x swan

1 x cygnet

1 x chipmunk

3 x ducks

1 x pigeon/scene

1 x robin

1 x bluetit

1 x squirrel

1 x elephant

1 x giraffe

1 x giant panda

1 x blackbird

1 x stag

1 x mountain lion

5 x domestic cats

1 x clouded leopard

1 x dog

1 x snow leopard

1 x rabbit

1 x rhino

1 x donkey

1 x hawk

1 x gull


Copyright remains with the owner of the photograph.

Not for commercial use.

Artist's Photograph Reference Book

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