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The drawing& painting wild animals basic pastel bundle includes:

  • A signed copy of Vic's Drawing & Painting Wild Animals book
  • Small sand & grey velour pastel pad conainting 10 sheets of velour paper (25x35cm)
  • Basic Pastel Set
  • Drawing & Painting Wild Animals DVD


Buying the bundle saves you 15% on buying the items individually.



Few of us get the chance to paint iconic wild animals in their natural environment. In this exciting new book, BBC Wildlife Artist of The Year 2012 Finalist and Endangered Species Category Winner, Vic Bearcroft will show you how to capture these magnificent creatures closer to home, either from photographs or by visiting one of the many wildlife parks around the country.
The book is progressively structured and Vic will lead you in if you're new to the subject, discussing materials for drawing and painting in watercolour, acrylic and pastel, and then moving on to tone and colour as well as simple shapes and sketches.
The bulk of the book is divided up by animal types, including big cats, bears, apes and the dog family.
Each of these sections includes detailed notes on the basic structure and features such as eyes, noses and skin or fur, and is completed by a full step-by-step demonstration of one of the classics of the group - a tiger, a panda, a chimpanzee and so on.
This is one of the best, most thorough and most easy to follow books on animal painting there has been in a long time.
Search Press . Paperback . 128 pages . Colour throughout.



Featuring 10 sheets of 260gsm (120lbs) 25x35cm velour pastel paper - 5 sandy, 5 light grey - the pad is ideal for pastel artists of all levels who want to express their wild side! Developed in collaboration with renowned pastel artist Vic Bearcroft, this 250mm x 350mm pad represents the true choice of the professionals. Perfect for capturing animal subjects, landscapes and much more, Vic's pad is as versatile as it is eye-catching.



These fantastic pastels are the ideal choice for all pastel artists - whether they be new starters, improvers or beyond. Specially selected by Vic himself, the set is a balanced mix of both Faber Castell Hard Pastels and SAA Soft Pastels.
Featuring a range of colours with the ability to create a range of tones, moods and effects, ths set is ideal for capturing animals the Vic Bearcroft way! 
The basic set includes the following items:
Faber Castell Hard Pastels: Black (199), White (101), Ivory (103), Alizarin Crimson (226), Cadmium Yellow (107), Earth Green Yellowish (168)
SAA Soft Pastels: Orange (5) (0235), Yellow Ochre (5) (0455), Smoke Grey (2345), Raw Sienna (0895), Sanguine (1265), Prussian Blue (0345)



Vic's methodical approach to painting and drawing animals makes his tuition so easy to follow. He starts with basic composition through to sketching the more detailed shapes before starting to apply colour. The art of creating the animals' fur is one Vic focuses on to ensure realistic pattern and detail. He takes us through three step-by-step demonstrations; a Panda in Acrylic, a Chimp in Pastel and a Tiger in Watercolour, so no matter what your preferred medium, there will be guidance and tips to help you.
All of the techniques Vic uses can be applied to any animal portrait, so you'll see your skills improve the more you use them. 
With the help of the special feature 'Focusing on Eyes', you can develop your skills on the intricacies of animal facial details. This will illustrate how to capture the soul of each animal portrait completely.
DVD: 100 Minutes. Please note that while this is a Region 0 DVD, it is PAL formatted and therefore unlikely to play in North America, Japan, South Korea and some of the Pacific Islands. However, all DVDs will play on personal computers and laptops.


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