With the current virus outbreak, Vic's workshops and demonstrations have been postponed, and for many, staying at home is the safest option at the present time.

Vic is creating a number of free online tutorials, which are available on YouTube.


These will cover everything from sketching and drawing, to pastels and more advances mediums. They cater for young and old alike, and those who are complete beginners to those who are more experienced artists.

If you don't have pastels and velour paper, or those who are new to the medium, this new box set contains everything you need to complete the howling wolf in pastel project.


Using the reference photo included, Vic will show you how to create ‘Wolf Song’ in pastel on velour, an atmospheric, autumnal painting of a wolf howling on a cold, misty morning in the forest.


Suitable for all ages and abilities.


If you would like your box set leaving in a designate safe place, please add a message to you order. 



  • Sheet of pre-lined grey velour paper 22x32cm
  • Hard Pastels
  • Softs Pastels
  • Reference Photo
  • Details of how to follow the free tutorial on Youtube

Howling Wolf in Pastel Box Set