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Vic's 5th book, Tales from Bunny Wood, will be released on 21st June 2018.


This is Vic's first short story book, which he wrote and illustrated, and contains 17 enchanting tales.


The book contains 19 full page coloured illustrations, coloured chapter headers, and 24 graphite illustrations.


Rabbits, squirrels, birds, fairies and occasionally more unpleasant characters all feature in ‘Tales from Bunny Wood’, a collection of stories written and illustrated by award-winning wildlife artist, Vic Bearcroft. Inspired by a local wildlife oasis, and imagined over many dog walks, these stories, enchanting in their own right, also highlight the importance of our wild places and the creatures that inhabit them. ‘I hope that after reading this book, others will be inspired to see their local wildlife areas in a new light and listen closely to the many stories they tell.’




150 pages with over 60 full colour and graphite pencil illustrations
ISBN: 978-0-9568080-4-2
Size: 8x10.8" (20.3x27.6cm)

Release date: 21st June 2018

Weight: 550g

Tales From Bunny Wood - Hardback Book - Signed Copy

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