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'The Mousetrap'


The Mousetrap features Edie, the latest kitten to join Vic's home. Edie was found on someone's land at 3-weeks-old, and taken into a local vets. Vic's partner, Liz, was already hand-rearing 2 kittens which had been dumped in a park, so when asked if they could take a third, they agreed. Edie was a feisty little kitten, so it was suspected she was born to a feral mum. Those instincts soon passed when she started to play and socialise with the other kittens and cats, and now, aged almost 5-months, she had turned into the most adorable, playful and naughty kitten! And she never left! When she's not following Liz around the house, she's one of Vic's regular art critics. It may have something to do with trying to use his brushes as toys!


Vic started Edie's oil painting at the Southern Nature Art exhibition, and completed it in early October.



Limited Edition Print

Edition: 150

Signed & numbered
Size: 16x8” Plus White Border

Giclee print on matte fine art paper.

'The Mousetrap' Limited Edition Print

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