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For those with a bigger pastel appetite, you can also purchase velour paper in large sheets. Velour paper is suitable for pastel and oil pastel, charcoal, pencil and crayons. 260gsm (120lbs), with each sheet measuring 50x70cm. Available in sand, grey, black and white.

On ordering, please contact us if you would like the sheets cutting in half (50x35cm) free of charge.

** Please note ** We can fit 5-sheets per tube.


  • Velour paper has a reasonably delicate surface, but the following
    tips help you work with the paper.

    • Use scrunched-up kitchen roll and rub over the surface to remove minor Scratches or indentations before you start work.
    • If you pick up dust or hairs on the surface, a lint roller is ideal for removing them. You can also use masking tape rolled loosely around your fingers to remove Debris. This can also be carried out on completed paintings.
    • Velour paper does not require fixative, and allows you to use layer upon layer of pastels to create fine detail. It also does not smudge like standard pastel paper, so can be usefully blended.
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